How to access / edit your own listing

How to access / edit your own listing


  1. click on the LOGIN menu item in the top right corner



   2.   Enter your Username and your Password

(if you can’t remember it, contact Adam Gibbons (  or  617-447-1759)and he can send you a link to generate a new password)




  3.  Once you are logged in, click on Directory in the menu bar at top of the page

If you want to, before clicking on Directory, you can change any items on this page, and click "Save All Changes" at the bottom.




   4.  Search for your listing (there are several ways to do this - choose your favorite way):

  • by entering your business name in the search bar half way down the screen
  • by scrolling down to the categories list and clicking on the category for your business
  • by scrolling way down the page (regular member listings are listed below the blue sponsoring members) 

Here's an illustration of how to enter your business name in the search bar half way down the screen



 5.  Once you find your listing, click on the VIEW button in your listing and look at your listing.  It will take you to a page that shows only your listing, just as it would appear to any shoppers, community members, and other business owners looking at your listing on the JP Local First website.  Does it look the way you want it to appear?



If you want to make changes to your listing (add images, change any of the text, add links to your website or social media, etc):

A.  Click on the EDIT button



B.  Edit items on the first page.



C.  When you are finished editing these items, click on Continue at the bottom of the page.



D.  On this page (see below) you can add images to your listing (i.e. your logo, pictures of products, pictures of your store, head shots, other images):

You can add multiple images:


E.  Clicking on Continue will take you to this final screen in the editing process.

Click on "Go to your listing" to see how your edits look:


 Now you can either go back to your editing page or log out.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our part-time staff members:

Adam Gibbons   -   -   617-447-1759

Amanda Lapham   -   -   617) 249-4412