Owners or City Feed and Supply with their son in front of their store in Jamaica Plain.There’s always something new, unexpected and fun that can happen every day, especially when you’re a store that always has great food around. I am more than grateful for all of the fun times with friends, neighbors, coworkers and customers at City Feed over the years. These are the times that come together so strongly to create my sense of place and home in JP.

One of the things I am most proud of in our business is that we have been able to support many of the community events and organizations for the last 15 years that have contributed so much to what we love about this neighborhood.

I think one thing that could make our independent business community even stronger is if we were able to collaborate with commercial real estate owners so that local independent businesses were given priority over chains when vacant spaces are available. Everyone would benefit in the long run from this approach since it would strengthen the local economy and make a more connected vibrant community, but I understand why landlords are drawn to whoever will pay the highest rent.

From City Feed