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Cloud-9 Float & Wellness

A tune up for your body and mind. Float, PEMF, and Infrared Sauna Therapy

Cloud-9 is a family owned business and we are passionate about the benefits that are provided through Float, PEMF (Pulse Electric Magnetic Field), and Infrared Sauna Therapy. Unlike modern medicine, rather than rely on dangerous surgery or an assortment of drugs, we use our non-invasive and harmless therapies. So not only do we alleviate symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and depression-but we target the source by removing stress and toxins from the body. Think of a visit to Cloud-9 as a tune up for your body and mind. These therapies simply ensure that your cells are working at optimal levels so that the body can heal on it’s own naturally.

We are committed to providing you relief that matches your needs-all while providing you the best possible experience. Our goal is for you to feel great and to stay healthy, because we believe when your health is in good standing that you can better focus on what’s important in your life. Most of you have people that depend on you and this makes your health a priority. With the therapies we provide we not only help you to be at your best for the ones you love, but to be at your best for a world in need.

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Q What is Float Therapy?

Float therapy (also known as sensory deprivation) involves laying in a tub of water 10inches deep containing 1,000lb of Epsom salt. This allows us to float effortlessly and escape gravity. The water is also heated to skin temperature so at one point we don't know where us and the water end. These combined provide powerful mental and physical benefits and gives us a time and place to take a break from the stress of the modern world.

Q What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Sauna's are superior to regular saunas in every way. Easier to breath in due to being a dry heat and despite being cooler at 140 degrees it allows you to sweat 3x more and detox 15x more toxins and impurities in the body. This is because the infrared reaches 3 inches deeper into the body. We get infrared naturally through the sun however we don't get enough of it.

Q What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulse Electro Magnetic Field therapy. Similar to grounding where you walk barefoot on the beach or grass; PEMF uses a magnetic pulse to energize the cells allowing the cells and body to operate more efficiently and thus handle issues naturally.