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Mindfulness Tutoring and Consulting

Tutoring Services. Consulting Services. Educational Advocacy Services.

Tutoring Services

  • Homework Support: Need help getting and staying organized? I will assist you with your organizational challenges. As well, I will partner with you to complete humanities related assignments successfully and to improve your writing.
  • SAT and ACT Preparation: Learn and practice proven test-taking strategies.  Individuals will use interactive software that will help identify your strengths and target your weaknesses.  If testing raises your anxiety, we will focus on a variety of strategies to help you manage these emotions.
  • Writing Support: I will introduce you to my proprietary writing method so that you will articulate a strong writing voice, successfully develop your ideas and communicate more clearly.  If you need a grammar and mechanics tune-up,  I will help you address this, too.

Consulting Services

Providing a variety of services for individual professionals, businesses and nonprofits:

  • Training in public speaking
  • Improving writing efficiencies
  • Using proprietary writing instruction to develop clear and grammatically correct professional writing
  • Supporting writers in articulating their individual voices

Offering small group workshops on managing email through efficient and clear communication.

Educational Advocacy Services

For many reasons,  a family may find themselves in need of an advocate to partner with and to support them with a variety of school-related tasks.  These may include but are not limited to monitoring the student’s weekly progress on assignments,  communicating with teachers and administrators, and providing advice about seeking additional services for the student.


Q Who do you work with?

For tutoring and educational advocacy services, I work with young people from grades 6 through college. For consulting services, I work with non-profit and for-profit professionals who want to tune-up their communication skills.

Q Where do you work?

I meet clients at their homes, place of work, public library or at a local coffee shop.