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Spirit Remedies offers an approach to healing that focuses on spirits, emotions, and energy. We are energetic beings in a physical body-our health consists of more then just the physical. We are mind, body, and spirit. However, we generally are not taught about the connection between these 3 elements or the fine equilibrium that must be kept in order to be healthy. Nor are we taught about how to care for all three of these aspects of ourselves on a daily basis. Here you can find tools to help you on your personal healing journey. These tools do not heal you, they help you heal yourself! You will also find assistance in caring for all aspects of yourself on a daily basis. Everything we need is within us, but sometimes we need a little help uncovering it or creating a loving space for it to shine. That is what I am here to help you with! My hope is to help empower those around me to take ownership of their individual healing journey and assist in finding the tools that best align for that.
Spirit Remedies is a way of bringing forgotten information back to light. To help reconnect as many people as possible to their heart and soul. To help empower people to remember and reignite their own healing abilities within themselves. We all deserve to live our lives to the fullest and that is not possible if we are moving through the world disconnected from a portion of ourselves.

Spirit Remedies offers:
-Personal shamanic energy session(remote and in person)
-20% off your first session
-Guided group meditations
-Monthly Ceremonies (personal ceremonies available)
-House/office clearings
-1 on 1 intensive program (3 months)
-Products to assist on your journey
**Check out the website to get more information and prices**