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Spontaneous Celebrations

Jamaica Plain's community arts headquarters for over 35 years

The mission of Spontaneous Celebrations is to create and sustain a community cultural life that unites and empowers people for positive change through the arts; to produce seasonal celebrations in the Jamaica Plain and Roxbury neighborhoods; and to maintain a Community Cultural center for all.Spontaneous Celebrations accomplishes this mission by:-Using cooperative collaborations to produce seasonal neighborhood celebrations that unite, inspire, educate, and entertain-Building on the strength, enjoyment, and learning that comes from discovering and interacting with the many cultural and ethnic traditions that exist side-by-side in our neighborhoods-Involving as many different groups as possible in the creation of our community center and festivals as an effective way to eradicate racism and increase communication, trust, and a shared sense of belonging-Using community-based arts and education to provide a context for sharing and developing cultural traditions-Providing space, facilities, and leadership for outreach and gatherings in our multicultural neighborhood center.