BigTent – tips and guidelines for members

To participate in JP Local First's listserv for members, you'll need to do the following:

  1. become a member of JP Local First
  2. create an account on BigTent (
  3. Join the group "JP Local First Listserv" (from your BigTent account)
    1. while logged into BigTent, go to the bottom of the page
    2. click on "Join a Group"
    3. enter the zip code for our area - 02130
    4. scroll down until you see "JP Local First Listserv", and click on it
    5. click on "JOIN GROUP" in the small text box entitled "Join us Today!"
    6. read through all of the info boxes on the next page:
      1. to make sure your info is correct
      2. to make sure you are sharing what you want shared
    7. click on "Save & Continue" at the bottom of the page
    8. Select your email preferences for:
      1. General Discussion
        • "Email me all topics and comments"
        • "Email me topics only (no comments)"
        • "Email me a daily digest (topics and comments)"
        • "Email me a daily digest (topics only)"
        • "Don't email me, I'll look at discussions online"
      2. and for Classifieds
        • "Email me each new listing"
        • "Email me a daily digest"
        • "Don't email, I'll look at listings online"
    9. click on "Save & Continue"
    10. You should then see a popup window informing you that your request is awaiting approval (this usually takes one day - you should receive a notice in your email inbox when your request has been approved)

To Get Help:    

Adam Gibbons at 617-447-1759 (text or call)