New Neighbor Kit

In April 2017 JP Local First will finish the pilot run of our New Neighbor Kit (aka New Mover Kit), which we launched in July 2016.

Before launching a second or third year of the Kit, we want to assess members' interest in future offerings of the program, assess what worked and what didn't so far, and figure out how best to craft the program for the long-term.  So, we are surveying participants in the pilot run to collect data on outcomes in year 1, and we are surveying all other members to gauge interest in years 2 and 3 and make sure we set up operations in an efficient and effective way.  

So, we're asking ourselves:

How effective was the pilot program?
If we continue it, what is the smartest way to sustain it and manage it?
Should we continue with a volunteer work force or hire it out to a firm?
How much should we charge for a 6 month or 12 month subscription from a JPLF participating member?
Should we expand it to reach 200 new residents, instead of just 100?
Should the mailing be a conduit to an online system (QR code or website URL) to a website application that automates and tracks participation?

What is the New Neighbor Kit:
Each month JPLF volunteers mailed a welcome letter and 15 different coupons (from 15 different JPLF members) in a standard envelope with the JPLF logo on it to 100 households that had moved to JP in the previous month. JPLF members paid $60 for 5 months and $120 for 10 months ($12/mo) to have their coupon or promo included in the monthly mailing. Each member defined the value and terms of their coupon.  Each month the JPLF volunteers obtained the names and addresses of these new residents from a real estate MLS service - JPLF paid for the listing.  Volunteers did all the work to collect the coupons, print, fold, stuff, label, and stamp the mailings each month.


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