Enroll for the 2019/2020 Round

Get Your Coupon in the Hands of New Residents

Deadline to Enroll/Pay: August 30

Throughout 2017-2019, JPLF members have included their coupons in the New Mover Kit with great feedback!

One member even called it the “best marketing dollars I have ever spent!”

What is the New Mover Kit

Each month JPLF mails a welcome letter and member coupons (only coupons of those members who pay to participate in the New Mover Kit) in a standard envelope with the JPLF logo on it to 100 households in 5 zip codes who have moved to those addresses in the last 2 months.  JPLF obtains the names and addresses of these households from a real estate MLS listing, choosing homeowners first and renters second (for example, if there are 59 people on the MLS who are homeowners and 133 who are renters, we will include all 59 homeowners and then select 41 renters to complete the list).

Each participating member defines the value and terms of their coupon by providing that info to JPLF.  All coupons are limited to a 2.5″ x 8″ rectangle.  Info can include text, logo, expiration date, other images.

We limit our mailing to 100 households in order to contain the cost of the mailing.  Cost of each monthly mailing involves:  postage, MLS list, printing 100 envelopes with JPLF logo and individual recipient names and addresses on each one, printing 100 welcome letters, printing 100 sets of coupons from participating JPLF members, and labor to assemble and mail the kits.

Each member defines the value and terms of their coupon.

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